BR1M – a shoulder to the middle and low class people at all levels

The excellent initiative named br1m-hasil was not just started to help the poor people by providing them a fixed cash aid, but also encourage the middle class by enabling them tax relief in tuition fees, medical expenses, education and other child care costs. This will motivate them to contribute a certain amount to the development of the society.

From a social standpoint, domestic consumption has to be addressed in all its magnitude by upholding people-centered advance and promoting the empowerment of people living in low income groups through their full contribution in all sections of political, monetary and social life, especially in the propose and accomplishment of strategies that affect the most weak and susceptible groups of society. That is why the Malaysian Government opened a common and strong key for the development of economy. And in 2014, they formed the br1m online, which is an online updating of the scheme and where people can easily find out the details of the program through internet.  Further, it slowly also became an incorporated approach towards poverty abolition, and it helps demand  producing  policies geared to the more evenhanded division of wealth, income and social fortification coverage. The brilliant site clearly explains the dream of making Malaysia into a developed nation by 2020 and this scheme is one among the first few steps that will make it happen. Those applicants who have already received their eligibility letter and passed the registration, can view updates and remeasure it by just logging on to the site. As per the amazing aid program , the people can also review their bank account number and confirm their addresses which should be accurate in order to receive the cash aid.

If one wishes to alleviate poverty, then, one must definitely start from the roots and Malay Government began this initiative to directly begin from the scratch and provide those sections of people with at least the basic necessities of living.

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